Home Loan By Edelweiss

Purpose : For purchase of ready and under construction house / flat



Self- Employed


Loan Amount
Min: 10 Lacs 
Max: 10 Crs
Min: 10 Lacs 
Max: 10 Crs

Max Loan to Value
80% of Market value 
(includes Stamp duty, 
Registration etc)
80% of Market value 
(includes Stamp duty, 
Registration etc)

60% of Monthly
100% of Business 

Max Tenure
25 years
20 years

Min Age
21 years
25 years

KYC Documents*
Passport Size photo, Identity, Residence and 
Age Proof, Bank statement for last 6 months

Income Proof*
Form 16 and Last 3
months' Salary slip
Last 2 years audited IT
returns and Balance
sheetand profit and 
Loss statements 
certified by CA



*Indicative list. Documents required may vary depending upon the customer's income, profession, age, assets and liabilities
















FAQ  OF Home Loan By Edelweiss : 


Basic Terminologies:
1. What is an EMI?
Equated Monthly Installment (EMI) is the amount payable to the Lending institution every month till the Loan is paid back in full. The EMI consists of Principal and Interest components.

2. What is a Pre-EMI?
Pre-EMI consists of only Interest on the disbursed loan amount and is payable monthly till commencement of EMI. In cases of partial disbursement customer pays Pre-EMI until full disbursement.

3. When does the payment of EMI commence?
Customer starts paying the EMI from the month following the month in which the loan amount was fully disbursed.

4. What are the different interest rate options offered by Edelweiss Housing Finance Limited (EHFL)/ECL Finance Limited (ECL)?
The interest rate options are:
• Variable: The rate of interest changes with the change in market lending rate
• Fixed: The rate of interest is fixed for the tenure of the loan

5. What is a Monthly Reducing balance?
Every month the principal component of the EMI is reduced from the Outstanding loan amount. The interest is charged on the outstanding loan amount.

6. What is an amortization schedule?
An amortization schedule is a tabular representation of monthly installments and reduction in outstanding loan amount during the tenure of the loan.

7. For what purpose can I avail a loan from EHFL/ECL?
EHFL/ECL provides loans for:
• Purchase of House/Flat/Commercial property from a builder
• Purchase of House/Flat/Commercial property in resale
• Transfer of Outstanding loan from other financiers

8. What are the eligibility criteria for a Housing Loan?
To avail a Home Loan from EHFL/ECL, you must be
• A Resident Indian
• Above 21 years at the commencement of the loan
• Below 65/ retirement age at the time of maturity

9. How much loan amount am I eligible for?
Your loan eligibility will be determined by EHFL/ECL on the basis of factors such as income, age, qualifications, number of dependants, spouse's income, assets, liabilities, stability and continuity of occupation and savings history to ensure easy repayment for you in the future. The loan eligibility will be subject to the value of property selected by you. 

10. Can I enhance my eligibility?
Yes. To increase income you can do any of the following
• Include an immediate relative with an income as a co-applicant
• Include income from other sources (Rental, Business, etc.)

11. When can I apply for a loan?
You can apply for a loan even before the purchase of the property. A loan amount will be sanctioned to you base on the above mentioned eligibility criteria. The loan amount will be subject to the value of the property, when you select one.

12. What is the maximum Tenure of the Loan?
Maximum tenure of the loan is 25 years, subject to eligibility norms. 

Documents and Collaterals: 
13. What documents does EHFL/ECL require to process my application? 

Salaried Individuals
Self-Employed Individuals

» Latest salary slip or salary certificate
» Last 2 years Income Tax returns duly certified by CA

» Form No.16 or PF statement or appointment letter in case of Cash Salary.
» Last 2 years Balance Sheet and Profit and Loss A/c with Annexures and Schedules

» Any other documents, as may be required
» Any other documents, as may be required

» Passport size Photograph

» Identification Proof

» Age Proof

» Bank statement / Pass book copy for last 3-6 months

* Documents required may vary depending upon the customer's income, profession, age, assets and liabilities 

14. What security/collateral do I have to provide? 
The security for the loan is a first mortgage of the property to be financed, normally by way of deposit of title deeds and/or such other collateral security as may be necessary. The title to the property should be clear, marketable and free from any encumbrances.
Interim security may be additionally required, if the property is under construction. Collateral or interim security could be assignment to EHFL/ECL of life insurance policies, the surrender value of which is at least equal to the loan amount, guarantees from sound and solvent guarantors, pledge of shares and such other investments that are acceptable to EHFL/ECL.

15. How can I apply for a loan?
You can apply for a loan in the following ways:
• Apply online
• Mail us at home@edelcap.com
• Tel no: 022 40094400


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