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Today Asian economies are shaping global growth, giving rise to many new opportunities to grow your wealth. As a bank that’s born and bred here, we have what it takes to ensure that you are always in the know. Enabling you to arrive at more informed decisions that make it easier for you to harness the potential of Asia

  • At DBS Bank, we understand Asia, its markets and its people. Providing you with fresh thinking and an abundance of experience. Whether it’s through our tailored solutions or timely insights and expert advice
  • With unmatched local knowledge and research, an Asia-focused, 15-country network, and enduring relationships with customers across borders, we help you achieve your financial goals through a variety of investment options.

Access. Advantage. All over Asia.

  • And stay abreast of market developments with our daily in-depth analyses and reports, brought to by our multiple award-winning DBS Group Research and Chief Investment Office teams.

Term Loan By DBS Bank

Borrow as much as INR 500 million for up to seven years

Enhance your cash flow and improve your day-to-day business operations with a DBS Term Loan. This loan is suitable for those in the manufacturing, retail, wholesale, trading (import/export) and service provider industries. You may borrow as much as INR 500 million at attractive interest rates for up to seven years.


Why choose DBS Term Loan?

Trade and Working Capital Services By DBS Bank

Take advantage of loan facilities available for working capital

Meet your funding requirements to improve your daily business operations and expansion plans with DBS’ Trade and Working Capital Services. Our loan facilities and services are highly suited for those in the manufacturing, retail, wholesale, trading (import/export) and service provider industries and require pre and post-sale funding for working capital.


Why choose DBS Trade and Working Capital Services?

Banker’s Guarantee/Standby Letter of Credit by DBS Bank

Provide payment assurance to your beneficiaries

Reassure your buyer or seller of payment with a Banker’s Guarantee/Standby Letter of Credit. In the event that you fail to fulfil your contractual obligations, we will honour payment to your beneficiaries upon receipt of a claim that complies with the guarantee terms.


 How does a Banker's Guarantee/Standby Letter of Credit work?



Letter of Credit Issuance By DBS Bank

Provide assurance to your suppliers when the complying documents are presented

Build relationships with clients and support new business opportunities with a DBS Letter of Credit. We issue a Letter of Credit at your request, assuring payment up to a stated amount within a prescribed time. We then check that the documents received are in compliance with the Letter of Credit terms and certify them before you make payment.


How does a Letter of Credit of Issuance work?