IDBI Bank Ltd. is a Universal Bank with its operations driven by a cutting edge core Banking IT platform. The Bank offers personalized banking and financial solutions to its clients in the retail and corporate banking arena through its large network of Branches and ATMs, spread across length and breadth of India. We have also set up an overseas branch at Dubai and have plans to open representative offices in various other parts of the Globe, for encashing emerging global opportunities. Our experience of financial markets will help us to effectively cope with challenges and capitalize on the emerging opportunities by participating effectively in our country’s growth process.

IDBI Bank is the youngest, new generation, public sector universal bank that rides on a cutting edge core banking Information Technology platform. This enables the Bank to offer personalized banking and financial solutions to its clients. The Bank had an aggregate Balance sheet size of Rs.3, 28,997 crore and total business of Rs.4,33,460 crore as on March 31, 2014. IDBI Bank's operations during the financial year ended March 31, 2014 resulted in a net profit of Rs. 1121 crore

Collateral Free Loans for SME By IDBI Bank CGMSE Loans

Providing adequate security for the facility availed by the micro/small enterprises units (MSEs) has been a major roadblock for their inability to access banking system. Keeping this in view, Government of India and SIDBI had set up "Credit Guarantee Fund Trust for Micro and Small Enterprises" (CGTMSE). On the basis of CGTMSE guidelines IDBI Bank offers collateral free loans up to Rs. 1 crore to realize the areas of those entrepreneurs who have viable Projects/ proposals but lacks adequate collateral security to offer. 

The product details are as below: 

SME Smart Line of Credit By IDBI Bank SME Smart Line of Credit

Availability of timely and adequate credit has always been a matter of concern for the MSME Sector. MSMEs stand to lose out on emerging business opportunities, due to lack of want of access to credit, when needed. Keeping that in view, IDBI Bank has introduced this Product in which financial assistance pre-approved composite loan is offered to the MSMEs. 

The product details are as mentioned below: 

Sr. No.


Vendor Finance, Vendor Finance in India – IDBI Bank Vendor Finance Program

Realization of funds blocked at various points of the value chain is one of the primary concerns of those involved in the business of manufacturing & supplying of various goods, and services to the corporates. Funds are required by the manufacturers/suppliers at two stages of the production viz, manufacturing stage and post-manufacturing stage. IDBI Bank's "Vendor Finance" product is so designed that all the links in the value chain remain adequately funded for smooth functioning of the vendor’s business.

The details are as mentioned in the table below: 

Solution to Financial Needs of Traders, Wholesalers and Retailers - IDBI Bank Sulabh Vyapar Business Solutions

Traders act as a vital link between the manufacturers of goods / commodities and the consumers. The product aims to provide hassle free finance to traders and to meet their business and financial needs at competitive interest rates. Any individual or a firm (partnership or proprietorship) engaged primarily in buying and selling of goods is eligible for this scheme thus offering solution to all the financial needs of the wholesalers / traders / retailers under the Product.

The product details are mentioned in the table below: 

Loan SME’s Against Commercial and Residential Properties – IDBI Bank Property Power

The Product aims to cater to the needs of MSME segment by way of providing loan against commercial and residential properties owned by them. The end use of the loan would be for various business related purposes or to take care of any financial requirements viz., retiring of high cost debt, balance transfer/ takeover or any other business exigencies.

Features of IDBI Bank’s ‘Property Power’ product are as below: 

Sr. No.


Loan Against Securities By IDBI Bank

Loan Against Shares- IDBI Bank Loan Against Securities

IDBI Bank offers loans against securities for the liquidity of your long term investments. You don’t need to lock your long term investment. Facility is renewable depending on the performance of the account. What makes it more attractive is that you pay interest only on the amount utilized.

IDBI Bank's Loan Against Property can be availed against pledge of: